Monday, May 07, 2012

Photo Shoot | Radionich Ranch | Los Gatos

It seems I have published a blank post.  Apologies for this!  I'm not sure what happened and would like to blame it on my computer or the internet but I'm pretty sure it was my fault somehow.  I am sad though because it was a nice thought out post with all of the pictures.  And now it's just going to be pictures.  So sad.

I was presented the opportunity to collaborate on a photos shoot with Karen of Love Life Studios. She sent over some images of lovely 20's, 40's and 50's dresses that she wanted to shoot and asked me to make some flowers and accessories to match.  I was very excited about this since I've been wanting to play around with some different flowers I don't usually get to use.  This gave me a chance to play around and be creative.

Anyway, the first bouquet I made is a modern version of the cascade bouquets that most brides carried back in the day.  I used some eucalyptus leaves to add fullness and to help with the draping and jasmine so it would "cascade".  This bouquet is probably in my top 5 favorite bouquets I've made to date.

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