Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Floral Workshop

I hosted another floral workshop a couple of weeks ago.  We had 10 students that were eagerly waiting to learn about flowers and how to make bouts, corsages and bouquets.  Usually when I have these workshops the ladies are chatting away about weddings.  But this was a very focused group - no chit chat going on this time.  As you can see their concentration paid off cause they made some beautiful flower pieces!

I went to the flower mart the day before and found these beautiful yellow roses.
So I had to buy them for the class.

Processing flowers


Working on an orchid bout

Jamie from Coquette Events choosing some flowers for her bouquet.

Trisha of Trisha Dean Events is working on her bouquet.

Emily's bouquet with roses, spidermums and wax flower.  It turned out beautiful!

Liz and her lovely bouquet.

Andrea with her bout creations.

Andrea and her mom Betty with their bouquets.

Jamie with her final product.

Thanks ladies for coming to the workshop.  I had a great time!

Both Jamie and Trisha wrote a little ditty in their blogs about the workshop.  If you want to get their perspectives on the workshop check it out here and here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bouquet Breakdown

Here's a breakdown of the bouquet I made for the Bridal Faire I was a part a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to add some fun to the "traditional" bouquet so I used some pink feathers as accent.

Here's another image of the bouquet at a different angle.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bridal Faire Showcase Part Two | Crowne Valley Plaza Hotel | Palo Alto

I posted about the bridal faire I was a part of last week - here are some more photos!

I wanted to do something a little more glamorous for my last vignette.  My first display was more modern seen here and the other was more fun and casual seen here.  I wanted to use the white branch I had in the studio and decided to go with whites and pinks for something soft and romantic.

The Bride's Bouquet with dahlias, peonies, calla lilies, roses, ranunculus 
and accented with some pink feathers.





I also loved my neighbor at the show - not only because she shared her cupcakes but she's truly one of the nicest person I have met!  Keisha owns That Takes the Cake located in San Francisco.  They specialize in cupcakes for weddings and events.  They have some great flavors that are really fun and unique.  She has one called Fuzzy Navel and another cupcake with Bailey's cream and chocolate.  Yum!



V + B Wedding | San Francisco City Hall | Hotel Monaco | San Francisco

Vanessa and Bill had two ceremonies! The first was held on a Friday at San Francisco City Hall for just their family members.  The next day they celebrated with their friends and extended family at Hotel Monaco.

Thanks Garrett from GB Photographers for all of the beautiful images!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bridal Faire Showcase Part One | Crowne Valley Plaza Hotel | Palo Alto

I was one of the vendors at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto this past weekend and had the opportunity to showcase some of my work.  It was great seeing some industry friends and making new ones too!  I decided to show 3 different styles to show some diversity.

First Display: Happiness!

Ring Bearer's Pillow/Nest

Bridesmaid Bouquet with craspedia, ranunculus and succulents

I used some of my left over flowers for Beverly's from Especially Yours Chair Covers display.

More pictures from the bridal faire to come!