Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally Published!!

If a magazine blog counts (which in my book it does!) then I have my first wedding featured in a Bridal Magazine. So exciting! Things have been really busy around here. Besides my belly getting bigger (for those who don't know I am expecting my first baby in 3 months...gulp) I've been busy every weekend with weddings, parties and all sorts of good stuff. I have tons of pictures to share but of course I need to download them.

Okay - here are some pictures of Cathleya + Mark's Wedding! I made Cathy's personal flowers and helped her with the DIY centerpieces she made for the reception. Gorgeous!! Here is the link for more information on the wedding at Southern Wedding Magazine.

Here are a couple more pictures from Cathy's photographer, Sara K Chen. More pictures can be found on her blog!

Is she the cutest with the pomander?

Cathy posted about the DIY trial centerpiece as Miss Penguin on the Weddingbee. Here's the link to the tutorial.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

J & D Flowers

I mentioned in the previous post that I did Jessica and Dave's wedding invites and flowers. Jessica wanted shades of cream and pink flowers that were "fluffy". Well - the ultimate fluffy out there is the peony. Peonies are usually in season for only 6 weeks or so and I wasn't sure we could get them in July. I was able to get some for Jessica though and put some in her bouquet. Yeah!

Bride's Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Flower Girl pomander. This thing was so darn cute. I wanted to keep it.

Bridesmaid Bouquet close up.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

J & D Invites

I was able to assist Jessica and Dave with their invitations and flowers for their wedding! I was very excited when they decided to have the invites letterpressed. They hired Mercurio Brothers based out of Berkeley and from what I hear, one of the more affordable printing companies out there. You provide the design and they print. I love how they turned out!

I'll post pictures of their flowers next so stay tuned!