Tuesday, January 29, 2013

S + Y Wedding | Clift Hotel | San Francisco

This all started with a friend names Sue.  She got married two years ago at The Mountain Winery.  You can see her wedding here.  Sue found me through Sarah who recommended me.  Sarah was not engaged at the time but followed my blog (which makes me love her to a thousand pieces).  So of course when it was time for Sarah to get married, she contacted me and I could not refuse.  Especially when she told me her vision of babies breath puff balls that she wanted.  And to put the cherry on top, she told me that Vero of Vero Suh Photography was her photographer.

Side story: Vero was kind enough to allow me to shadow her for a wedding.  The story is long and really meant for another post but let me tell you...these photographers work hard.  It was 100 degrees out and we were all melting but Vero had a smile on her face the whole time.  Amazing!

Photographer: Vero Suh Photography
Venue: The Clift Hotel