Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sneak Peek: Flower Girl Purses & Bridesmaid Bouquet

I'm putting together my blog post for my next wedding - and it's a splendiferous one.  But first I must share these super cute flower girl purses I made for the wedding.  I am so proud of them - they deserve their own post.  I've been wanting to make flower girl purses for quite some time and I finally convinced one of my bride's to let me.  Thank you Niloofar for having faith in me and letting me be creative :) 

Confession: Since I have never made these before - I wasn't sure how many carnations I would need for three purses.  So I guessed - and well, I guessed wrong.  I was off about 5 carnations.  That's it - but 5 carnations is a lot when you have a gaping whole in a purse.  So I was forced to be creative...and with some help with my assistant Nikki, we found a cute solution.  And I have to say - I'm glad I was short 5 carnations because it made me think out of the box.  I really liked how they turned out!  We used some dusty miller, eucalyptus leaves, a rose to give the purse an accent.  My bride also gave me some hair clips to use in her bouquet (which was super awesome stunning, by the way but more on that later) but I decided to put them on the purses instead.  It was adorable.

And here is a sneak peak at the bridesmaid bouquet.  If you like this - you will LOVE the bride's bouquet.  That's coming up a little later!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

S+A Wedding | Casa Real | Pleasanton

Seleene was planning her wedding from New York - not an easy task to do but she did a great job.  She picked a beautiful venue and wanted greens and purples to go with the sari dresses that the bridesmaids were going to wear.  We also hung cute little lanterns from the branches - cute idea!  It's hard to see since it was still light out but the lanterns were lit up with little LED lights inside.

 Bride's Bouquet: roses, dahlias, hydrangea, calla lilies, sweetpea, lisanthus

Bridesmaid Bouquets: hydrangea, freesia, dahila buds, roses, orchids

Monday, August 08, 2011

L + J Wedding | Pro Pics | Palo Alto Hills Country Club | Elle Jae Weddings

Last week I showed you some images from Leslie and Jon's wedding and then James from Elle Jae Weddings sent me over some of the professional photos he took. They are AWESOME.  And I have to say that I love Leslie's shoes.  I wish that the whole colored heels for your wedding day trend thing was happening when I got married.  Looks so cool in photos!

Bride's Bouquet


More images can bee seen on from their slide show that ElleJae Weddings put together.  Thanks James for sharing these with me!

Friday, August 05, 2011


I'm noticing a new trend here.  Well maybe it's not new.  But it's new to me and I like it.  It's called ombre.  And from what I know - it started with hair.  People (namely Sarah Jessica Parker) started to high light her hair - in shades of color.  The dictionary term says: shaded or graduated in tone (in terms of color).   Here are some examples:

 martha stewart

So is it too late to get on the ombre bandwagon?  Has it left or is it just coming around the corner?  I would love to style a photo shoot using me some ombre.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

L + J Wedding | Palo Alto Hills Country Club | Palo Alto

Color!  This is what Leslie told me when she was telling me what she envisioned for her wedding.  Leslie has curly hair, adorable dimples and a great smile so it seemed quite fitting that she wanted something vibrant and fun.

Photography: ElleJae Weddings
Day of Coordinator: Melissa with Dream It Events
Venue: Palo Alto Hills Country Club

I can't wait to see the photos from ElleJae Weddings!