Saturday, June 30, 2007

Where Do I Sit?

When my friend Gretchen was getting married - we went back and forth on a bunch of place card (also known as escort card) ideas. I mean, if you're going to be bossy and tell people where to sit then you might as well do it in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few ideas that I thought were cute.

This looks like it was a corkboard covered in fabric and the tags are pinned on. The number are probably stamped on.

Great for an outdoor wedding with a rustic, country feel.

You will need someone who is handy with a saw and lot's of branches for this. What's up with all of the hockey players in the background?

Destination Beach Wedding.

Could you imagine cookies used as escort cards at a wedding? If you have the time and patience - kudos to you! This would be cute for a small party though like a bridal shower or baby shower.

I thought this was cute idea that wouldn't require too much work. Just a couple of planter boxes and plants. I liked it so much I decided to show 2 pictures.

Okay, this is one of my favorites. Perfect for a modern zen event.

Make sure it's not a windy day!

Another favorite that earned 2 pictures. Something like this was shown on Martha Stewart Wedding from the Spring 2005 Magazine.

And here I leave you with maybe the most practical and doable idea. All you need is rice, fabric and a low box. You can even dye the rice to color you want or just buy some aquarium gravel (that come in so many fun bright colors). I got this picture from a Knot Bio and I can't remember who. So if this is you - tell me!

All of these pictures were found on Flikr (minus the rice one). A great place to get ideas!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Maia's Invitation Suite

Maia had some beautiful invitations designed for her wedding but then found out she was unable to print them (thermography style) due to the artwork. So she asked me to put something together for her. She wanted to incorporate some sort of cherry blossom motif. I also made some matching monograms for her. I love how they turned out!

Close up of the Invite

RSVP Return Envelope

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Snow & Graham Gifts

These are wonderful gifts for any occasion. You can give these to the host/hostess of your bridal shower, baby shower or as a birthday present!

Snow & Graham Coasters $13

Or how about some box sets (this would be a gift I would LOVE!) But I would never use them. I would just hoard them forever...

Sets are $17

And check out their beautiful Thank You cards!
Boxed sets are $12 for 6 cards. Great for shower gifts.

You can find all of these on line at Luxe Paperie.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Caroline Rocks!

My trusty sidekick Caroline is my go to gal when I need help with floral events. She did the flowers for a colleague's wedding last weekend. As you can see from the pictures - she is very talented. Pretty handy with her new camera too. Fantastic job Caroline - they turned out beautiful!

Brides Bouquet with Cherry Brandy Roses, Prima Donna Roses, Sari Roses, Freesia, Cymbidiums, & Flame Calla Lillies

Grooms Boutonierre with flame calla lilies accented with freesia bulbs. So cute!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Maps Galore

Remember Etsy? I love this website. You just never know what you will find. I have recently received many requests about Map Design. I decided (for now) this was a project I wasn't ready to take on. I imagine this takes a lot of patience and skill. Since I have so many other things going on - no maps for me (this year!). But I do like to help people find what they need. So I found a map designer on etsy!

Retrospective Design Shop: Custom Maps $40
She offers color and black & white options.

But if you want to keep are a few other options.

Distinctive Directions offers different packages starting at $48.75.

And if you really want to go big with your map, you will have to check out Couture Maps. These are hand drawn and painted and very cute. $400 for the design with different print options available.

San Francisco

San Francisco & Bay Area
Save the Date in Los Angeles
Or try and make your own at Wedding Mapper. A great DIY interactive website where you can make your map and print! Best this about this is it's free!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cupcake Bandwagon (I'm on it!)

So it's my brother-in-law's 30th birthday in a couple of weeks. I have been put in charge of his Dessert Reception that will be held at The Gallery Lounge (SOMA) in the city. So I have been brainstorming like crazy on the many desserts we can have. And of course, at the top of my list are CUPCAKES. I love little versions of things. Like puppies, kittens and flower buds - and cupcakes fall under the same category of "small and cute". Anyway, I've been researching around and found some interesting options out there. It's been a growing trend to replace wedding cakes with cupcakes and it's definitely an affordable option.

American Cupcake
They cater only and cupcakes are $3 per regular size cupcake and $2 per mini cupcakes. They deliver for $25 within San Francisco. They have quite a few selection of flavors and you can have up to 3 flavors for 150 cupcakes.

A super cute bakery located in the Marina in San Francisco. I bought my birthday cupcakes here. So I can personally vouche for their yumminess. They are pretty als0. Regular cupcakes start at $3 each and Wedding Cupcakes are $5 each. Not sure why Wedding cupcakes are more...maybe because they tie a ribbon around it? But ribbon doesn't cost that much. Oh well. Why not just order cupcakes for a "party" and have someone pick them up? They deliver also.

Love At First Bite Bakery located in Berkeley. They have so many flavors and choices, I don't know how one would choose! They range from $2.50 - $2.75 per cupcake. Not sure if they deliver or not.

Teacake Bake Shop located in Emeryville. Cupcakes are $3 each and they have a bunch of flavors to choose from. Not sure about delivery but their shop is in the Bay Street Shopping Center.

They even make Custom Monogram Cupcakes!

Whiskie Bits Bakery is located in Oakland but delivers to the east bay ($20-$30) and San Francisco ($30-$40). You can check out their pricing and minimums here. Basically cupcakes are $3 each. This Bakery has exotic flavors such as Holy Land Lemon and Lavender Bee. Sounds good to me!

Green Tea Cupcakes

Sibby's Cupcakery is located in San Mateo. They deliver to most areas in the bay area (San Francisco to San Jose) for $25. They also allow you to them up. They cost $39 for a dozen. Their website doesn't allow me to link to their pictures :( So you will have to check out their website and see their cute designs!

And after of all of that - I might just make my own. Check out The Cupcake Blog! Here the blogger gives step by step instructions and