Wednesday, June 03, 2009

L & M Wedding | The Brazilian Room | Berkeley

Laura and Matt celebrated their wedding at one of my new favorite places - The Brazilian Room in Berkeley. It's located on the hills of Tilden Park with a beautiful view. It's one of the more affordable places in the bay area but it does have some cons. They have a lot of rules and you must use their preferred list of caterers. If you can handle all the rules (which are necessary to keep the building in pristine condition) then this place can be the perfect setting for a wedding.

Lauren loves all spring flowers so we used all of them! Tulips, anemones, ranunculus, peonies, garden roses, lisanthus were all used to create a garden like feel for the wedding. It had a vintage flair to it with wonderful details like vintage hankies.

First up is Lauren's bouquet. I really liked her bouquet and I kinda wanted to keep it. I knew that I couldn't do that so I decided to take a lot of pictures of it instead.

I used a lot of flowers for this bouquet including peonies, anemones, garden rsoes, lisanthus, ranunculas, wax flowers, dahlias, spray roses and stock in shades of pink and white.

Lauren bought some cute vintage ribbon and we used it for her bouquet.

Groom's Bout: single white ranuncula

Best Man Bout: Two pink ranunculas with wax flower accents

Groomen Bouts.

Bridesmaind bouquets

My new favorite bouquet wrap.

Mother of the Bride posie bouquet.

Buffet table arrangemensts

Lauren spent the last few months collecting hankies. What an adorable idea!


  1. Great photos and info! As one of the preferred caters at the Brazilian Room, I can tell you that the list is HUGE, and the vetting process extensive. Anyone on any realistic budget should be able to easily find multiple caterers that fit their needs. Thanks for giving the Brazilian Room some exposure! And book early...the Saturday nights really book up quickly.

  2. This has to be one of my favorite combos of flowers that you've done. I love the garden feel and you used some of my favorite flowers...ranunculas, anemones, garden roses, lisianthus. Adorable! And I'm loving your new bouquet wrap as well! ^_^

  3. Love the anenomes! I had such a hard time getting the black centered ones this spring, but looks like you lucked out! you must tell me where you got those black urns- i need them for a wedding...

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  5. Hi Kristen,

    Here is the link to the urns from my wedding.
    So great they still have them and that they are on sale. These urns have a good weight and all 12 that I ordered came in great shape. The delivery took about 2 weeks for standard shipping.