Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ginger's 1st Birthday

It was Ginger's 1st birthday a couple months ago and it just so happened to occur a day after the Mag Rouge photoshoot featured here.  So I "recycled" some of the arrangements for my Ginger's birthday party.  The birthday had a woodland theme so I added some toadstool mushrooms in there to make it slightly more whimsical and fun.

I have to say, throwing parties and events when you are floral designer is really hard.  It's almost like you have too many choices.  At first, I wanted to have the party at a restaurant but after researching some venues it became apparent that I would be spending $1000+ to rent the space and to pay for food.  I just couldn't justify spending that amount on a kid who won't even remember it.  I rather put it in her college fund.  So we went to plan B which was throwing a small party at our house and renting a jumpy house for the kids.  The party really was for my husband and I cause Ginger surely was not going to remember it.  She barely ate her cupcake!  So we called it a Survival Birthday Party where we celebrated the fact that we (the parents) survived our first year with 2 children.  If that doesn't earn you the right to throw a party, I don't know what does.

Here is the birthday girl.  She has no hair.  We aren't sure what to do about it.  But at least she's cute.
 Here are the centerpieces that were made for the table scape for the photo shoot.  I just pulled out the poppies and replaced with the red tulips.  I also added cute little toadstools I ordered from etsy.

 I had a large grapewreath branch laying around from a Hipstamatic event I did last year so I put it on the table along with some clusters of moss and flowers.
 And here is Ginger giving you a kiss.

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