Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Floral Workshop

I hosted another floral workshop a couple of weeks ago.  We had 10 students that were eagerly waiting to learn about flowers and how to make bouts, corsages and bouquets.  Usually when I have these workshops the ladies are chatting away about weddings.  But this was a very focused group - no chit chat going on this time.  As you can see their concentration paid off cause they made some beautiful flower pieces!

I went to the flower mart the day before and found these beautiful yellow roses.
So I had to buy them for the class.

Processing flowers


Working on an orchid bout

Jamie from Coquette Events choosing some flowers for her bouquet.

Trisha of Trisha Dean Events is working on her bouquet.

Emily's bouquet with roses, spidermums and wax flower.  It turned out beautiful!

Liz and her lovely bouquet.

Andrea with her bout creations.

Andrea and her mom Betty with their bouquets.

Jamie with her final product.

Thanks ladies for coming to the workshop.  I had a great time!

Both Jamie and Trisha wrote a little ditty in their blogs about the workshop.  If you want to get their perspectives on the workshop check it out here and here.

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  1. It's so awesome that you have a floral workshop! I'd love to learn how to make a bouquet!