Thursday, August 06, 2009

June Weddings

For some reason in June I became very absentminded! I would forget my camera OR bring my camera to take picture and get so caught up with setting up that I would forget to use the camera and take pictures. So I have a bunch of pictures from different weddings of either their personal flowers, ceremony or reception flowers. The flowers were beautiful and it would be a shame not to share them just because I don't have a "complete" wedding to show. Complete meaning the personal, ceremony and reception decor. So I decided I will just show you what I have and hope I get some great pro pics from the bride or photographer so I can share more :)

First up is Zack and Jhoana's wedding. They got married in this cute little church in Yountville, CA and had their reception at Nicholson Ranch, Sonoma, CA. Jhoana had her bridesmaids wear shades of pink and burgundy dresses and we used the flowers to tie it all together.

Here is the bride's bouquet: Peonies, freesia, sahara roses, white calla lilies

For the bridesmaids we did shades of pink with roses, dahlias, freesia and boxwood greenery.

Jhoana made some really cute programs!

Cocktail centerpiece with a single white peony.

The linens weren't on the tables yet so I set the centerpieces inside (it was really hot in Sonoma that day) to keep them fresh. Here a picture of them altogether. I used different shades of pink peonies, roses, dahlias, stock, roses and boxwood greenery.

Next up is Emily and Greg's civil ceremony in San Francisco. Her wedding was in July but they had a small ceremony in June. She wanted a small bouquet to hold so I made something colorful and bright to pop against her black dress she would be wearing. I have to say that I really loved this bouquet. The bright colors and textures really blended well together and something about it was so cheery and hopeful!

I have a couple more June weddings to share so stayed tuned!

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