Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bouquet Breakdown

Many times I have brides (and people in general) ask me, "What is that flower?" There are so many photos of beautiful bouquets and arrangements in magazines, blogs and websites but they don't always go into the detail of describing what flowers are in it. And if they do - they just name the flower, and if you don't know what that flower looks like - you have no idea what they are talking about!

So I thought I would start a blog series called Bouquet Breakdown. Anytime I come across a beautiful bouquet that contains a variety of flowers I'll break it down for you so you know what flowers are in there.

So first up is one of my favorite bouquets that my friend Sara from Stinkerpants Designs carried at her wedding. It was bright and colorful that really popped against her white dress. The bouquet was designed my Calla Lily Wedding Flowers and the photo taken by Jennifer Kloss Photography.

So if you see a bouquet or centerpiece that you want me to break down - just email me the picture and I'll post it in the series!