Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Gocco

Happy New Years! My last post of the year and it also happens to be my 60th post. Wow!! Who knew that I would have so much to share?! What better way to wrap up the year than with my new favorite toy - the gocco!! After my first attempt with my friend Nicole last month, I decided to give it another go with some holiday cards. They didn't come out exactly the way I wanted but they turned out okay. Lessons were learned and I'm already brewing up my next day of gocco fun.

I bought a PG-11. This has a larger print window compared to the PG-5 or PG-6. The PG-11 also has some paper registration that helps with alignment and placement. I also read that the PG-11 makes printing 2 colors (when layering is involved) a bit easier.

Here is the first card I decided to make. I got the vector illustration from and played around with it.

Again - I am obsessed with printing white on color paper.
I also hand mixed the green color so it would compliment the purple better.

This is how I mixed the ink colors. I would not recommend this. It was a pain.
I was too lazy to go buy the ink.

I had some green ink left over - and of course I didn't want to waste it so
I decided to make another set.

Print Master - stamp from Impress Rubber Stamps

Do you see the white splotches?! That was because my carbon copy had too much carbon and burned to the screen. The paper gets stuck on the screen and then the ink can't get through. I tried to scrape it but that didn't work. Oh well. They still turned out pretty cute.

For kicks I decided to print it on the purple to see
what the ink colors would look like. Ummm...not so good.

I wrote a little ditty about our year and then folded it. The fold is called a Turk Map. I have a file of how to do it. Drop me an email and I can email it to you!

Happy New Year's and cheers to another year of flowers, crafts and fun!

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  1. You are quite crafty. Love the holiday cards and the cool fold. You will have to show me how to gocco in 08! Happy New Year to you and your hubbie :)