Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

It was my birthday last weekend and we threw a Holiday/Birthday party for friends and family. Our theme was Naughty or Nice and the night consisted of ways to figure out whether one made Santa's "good list" this year.

One the highlights of the evening...CAKE! This cake was delicious!
It was from Miette Bakery located in the Ferry Building in San Francisco.
This was called a Tomboy cake with buttercream frosting. YUMMY.

My husband surprised me with Personalized Cocktail Napkins!
He was very proud of the fonts he picked.

My friend Caroline made cupcakes. I stuck little halos on them for the "nice" ones.

Some of my nice friends (and one naughty)

One of our signature drinks was the Savage Car Bomb.

Boy, did I pay for this. It was a fun night though!


  1. Happy Birthday my friend. Sorry I was unable to attend. As always the flowers looked amazing!!!

  2. JessieandRay12:36 PM

    Happy belated, karen! :) Your hubby is awesome!