Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Christmas Gift

Back in October, I read about Karl with Cut Arts from BV Weddings Blog. My initial thought was,"How fricken cool - I want to hire this guy - how can I convince my husband to get married again?!" But then reality kicked in - I have already tortured this poor man with my "we could have done this or that" bit with the wedding AND usually when I bring up the wedding in this way the conversation of how we went "over budget" is also thrown into the mix. I am immediately put in my place and decide that my wedding was wonderful just the way it happened. But I digress...

So when I read about Karl from cut arts - I bookmarked his page and decided it would make a cool gift. I love his work and really appreciated this somewhat "lost" form of art. Fast forward to the holidays. I was scouring my brain to try and think of a cool present for my in-laws and came up with nothing. Then it finally occurred to me to contact Karl and see what sort of gift I can put together for Ed & Trudy (aka the in-laws). So I sent some pictures to Karl and to see what he could.

This is the picture I sent. I found it on my husband's computer and loved it.
So Karl gave me a quote (I won't say since Ed & Trudy are known to visit this blog) but if you want to know the cost just shoot me an email. About 4 weeks later I had one of the BEST Christmas gifts to give. I bought the frames and matting from Aaron Brothers and it was ready to go. It looks exactly like them - it's amazing!

I loved it so much - I hired Karl to do another one for my husband! Here are the pictures I sent...

I wanted him to cut a landscape and silhouette

He asked for some more pictures that showed more details of Ben.
Like how he stands and a close-up of his profile.

This was the best profile picture I found of Ben.
Please ignore the 5 chins I have in this picture.
Karl was great to work with - he called me to make sure we were on the same page and even made some suggestions on how he could make the picture better. He checked to so see if it was okay and answered all of my questions and concerns.

So the final product...

I love that the gift is so personal. I think this would be a GREAT gift for anyone - who wouldn't like a cool portrait of themselves?!


  1. They turned out so great!!!

  2. that is a great gift idea!!! they look great framed.

  3. Wow, Karen, those are great! How unique!!