Monday, September 24, 2007

Veronica & Alec

Veronica and Alec had a destination wedding here in San Francisco! They moved from Florida and had friends and family fly from all around to celebrate. It was an intimate affair and they chose Servino's Restaurant in Tiburon to have their event. They wanted something modern and swanky where their guests could mingle with each other. Colors were pink and green. Veronica wanted something modern with a lot texture!

Green spidermums, orchids and tea leaves

Coffee table Decor: Pink and green orchids

Tall arrangement for the reception entrance:
Curly willow and orchids

Ceremony decor: Tall vases with submerged green orchids with
pink carnation pomanders

Cake by Sonja Bravo with Bravo's Bakery - yummy!

Super cute cocktail napkins.


  1. Nicole8:18 PM

    Karen, I have to say again that I *love* these flowers. Very modern and simply stunning! (And your blog is also very cool... :) See you soon, Nicole

  2. I am in love with these flowers. Hope you don't mind but I am posting about them tomorrow.

    I am doing an outdoor ceremony and would like something along the same lines but I see so many people with pomanders and submerged flowers now. Do you have any ideas? Also, what kind of container would you use?

    BTW, LOVE YOUR SITE. Tons of great ideas!!!