Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sew Cute!

I have always LOVED any type of sewing on paper. It just adds an extra little something. Sew...I have been slaving away on some baby shower invitations for a friend. She's having a baby boy - congrats Mindy! Anyway, they turned out pretty darn cute!


These are some baby shower invites I made for my friend Brenda earlier in the year. She already had her baby boy and he's adorable.

I love the little chick!

What do you think?! Now if there's only a way to mass produce these puppies....


  1. Nathalee11:52 AM

    These are darling! Do you print the line on the paper and then just sew along it?

    Also, I subscribed to your blog but haven't been getting emails about updates. Just wanted to let you know just in case it's not just me!

  2. Thanks Nathalee for the heads up. I just checked and my email went into my SPAM/Trash box. Is it possible that yours is going there too? I will keep investigating.

    I printed a very light/dashed line so I would know where to sew for Mindy's. For Brenda's shower I just estimated...