Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Carisa and J

My 07-07-07 wedding! Carisa and J got married at the Rengstorff House in Mountain View, CA. It's a beautiful outdoor location with a nice layout. It was a dreary day in San Francisco but when I drove down it was beautiful and sunny. I helped Carisa with her ceremony decor and showed her how to do her own centerpieces. She did a beautiful job by adding a lot personal touches and details. Okay, enough talking....

Ceremony Area before flowers

Making the garland
My husband (Ben) had to help me hang this puppy up!
It required 2 people and a ladder.
The garland had 3 shades of red roses (Black Magic, Magnum and Black Bakara) and red dahlias with a touch of Croscomia Montbretia

Ben helped by setting up the shepherd's hooks (what a good husband!) It was a warm day and I asked him to "air out the balls (meaning pomanders) and fluff them up" since they had been sitting in the box for a while. He thought that was funny. "Air out the balls?" he asked. Boys will be boys.....

Then I began to work and did not pay any attention to him. He took some good detail shots.

Fan Programs and she had personalized water bottles under the chairs!

Umbrellas for those who didn't like the sun.Still ignoring him....

Okay - he has my attention now

I was wondering why he was being so quiet...now I know!! This is what happens when you leave your husband alone with a camera....

Okay - back to the ceremony.


Carisa made all of these centerpieces and added some very nice personal touches.

Love the bling!!

Great job Carisa!! You did a fabulous job. Congrats married lady!

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