Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Loco for Gocco

A couple of weeks ago my friend invited me over for a "Crafty Gocco Fun Day". She had just bought a Gocco Machine (if you don't know what this is check out the info here). We thought it would be fun to make some stationary sets as gifts for friends and family.

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into but I left the house at 9am on a Sunday and told my husband I wouldn't be back until dinner time. I was THAT serious about it. So after MANY trials and errors (and some chatting and lunch) we were able to print these puppies out....

First Try: Thank You cards. We didn't want to do anything too crazy and to be honest - this was REALLY our 2nd try at it. The first try was well...not very successful.
First lesson learned: Printing graphics that bleed (come off the edge) is tricky.

Second Try: Birthday Cards: I really wanted to print something
with white ink and colored paper.
They turned out pretty cute!
Lesson 2: Make sure to use DARK paper to print with white ink. For some reason
the ink kept clumping and getting goopy (official gocco words). So it was a pain
to make sure the ink printed with clean lines.

It was hard to see the white ink on pink, sage green and light blue paper.

Third Try: Hello cards. I wanted to make the olives a different color but it was hard to block the coloring on it. The big pain here was the dotted lines on the bottom.

Lesson 3: Avoid lines if possible and avoid lines that Bleed. Yikes.
This was hard to register and if the paper wasn't aligned correctly
you could tell immediately after printing one because the lines on the
bottom would be crooked. I know - they are so darn cute but the cuteness does not
outweigh the number of gray hairs it gave us.

Overall, I was very happy with the results and ordered my own Gocco this week!!
Can't wait to start some more projects and share then with you.

Oh - and thanks (I think) Nicole for getting me hooked :)


  1. Hi!
    I recently bought a Gocco too! I haven't used mine yet but I'm so excited to try it out soon! Can you tell me where you found your graphics?

  2. good. Now you can show me how to use mine.....I opened it once and it scared me.

  3. Nicole11:11 AM

    Hooray! I can't wait until you get your Gocco and we can have another "Crafty Gocco Fun Day"! Practice will make perfect. :-)

  4. oh how fun. i know i learned about the bleeding part too. you'll see the invite soon. it looks likei played it off like it was meant to be like that but.. in my mind it bothers me but i have to move foward with my invites. it can't be perfect... wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! (tess)

  5. Tess! I want to see your invites!!

    E - I got most of my graphics from I used vector illustrations which require you to have Adobe Illustrator.

    Nicole - Can't wait for our next gocco day!!

  6. Just about to use mine for the first time and found your post. Your cards look beautiful!