Sunday, November 04, 2007

DIY Workshop

I had a DIY workshop over the weekend for the ladies who plan to make their personal flowers for their wedding. We had a great time chatting, sharing ideas and best of all just being crafty and creative. It was a lot of fun ladies and BIG thank you for making it so successful. As you can see - they have a lot of talent!

Jackie and Cathleya showing off their bouquets!

Cathleya's Bouquet

Close-Up of Jackie's Bouquet

We had enough flowers for 8 Bridesmaids

Sara and her bouquet

Melissa and Connie

Melissa's Bouquet

Connie's Bouquet


  1. Hey look! We're famous! Awesome!

  2. LOVE LOVE the flowers from the workshop, when will you be offering another workshop, I'd love to attend!

  3. The workshop was INCREDIBLE! I cant believe how much I learned. Thanks so much Karen

  4. Jane - Drop me an email and I'll put you on th list for the next one.

    Thanks Cathleya!! It helps to have enthusiastic students :)