Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rebranding = Torture

I had this super long post about how I got to my new brand - and realized that it was way too long of a story and quite painful for me to relive it.  Let's just say it was a super long process (it started in August 2011), required a lot of patience and soul searching and I had to make some really tough decisions.  But at the end, it was worth it cause I got this.  It's awesome and I love it.  I have to thank Tammie and Vonnie from Lettermade Press + Design. They both totally got what I was all about and listened to my wishes. They are both unbelievably talented.  Once you see what they did for me - you will agree.
Drum roll please.....

 Tadaa!!  Awesome right?!  I love it. They also designed my business cards which are letterpressed (and super awesome too).  I'll have to take some photos and share with you soon. Right now I am working furiously on a new website and blog so you'll start seeing the new logo on everything once I launch the new site.

Side note: there is no pink frame around the new logo.  The frame is from the blog and frames all photos with it. 

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