Monday, May 25, 2009

For the Little Fella

So this post isn't floral related but definitely wedding related. I just met with a client and we started talking about clothing options for the ring bearers. Her ring bearer is a tiny guy (10 months). Most little babies don't like wearing a suit or tux (most grown men don't either). So how can you include the little one and make sure they are comfortable? Well it just so happens that a friend of mine sent me this link (randomly) and I thought it was really cute.

Little Clip on Bow Ties! So cute.

You can buy them here at Cherry Bloomer Shop.
They only cost $9.50 and she offers man colors and patterns.

My friend Sarah also turned me on to this esty shop called Very Kiki. I bought one of these for my little one for Easter. You can find more colors here.

Here's a picture of my little guy all gussied up. He loved the shirt and had no idea he was all dressed up looking like a handsome little guy (I'm not biased or anything ;).
And yes, he often looks confused when the camera is on him.

I searched around the internet and found this at Nancy August. So cute!! I know - it's probably not very comfortable but those little boys need to learn about fashion over comfort sooner or later, right?

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  1. James Sanders11:28 AM

    Emmet looks great in a tie!