Friday, February 27, 2009

Peony Love

I went to the flower mart last week to buy flowers for the Lovely Details Bridal Event. The last time I was there was October of last year! Time sure does go by fast when you have a little bambino. Anyway, I saw that one of my favorite vendors had some peonies (which is a miracle this time of the year) and I made a point to NOT look at them. But of course I could not resist. I looked. They called out my name, "Karen, Karen, buy me!" So I basically paid an arm and a leg for these. I should feel guilty about it but I don't. They are gorgeous. I'm still enjoying them in my house! To make myself feel better I am showing you a lot of pictures of them.

Here they are at the Lovely Details Event.

Here they are a couple of days better. As you can see the color faded a little bit. But they are still beautiful!

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