Thursday, November 20, 2008

E & A Invites

Erin contacted me many moons ago and asked me to design her flowers and invites. Of course at the time I was delighted to do so. But then I got pregnant (yeah for me, boo for her) so I was no longer able to help with the flower part since her wedding date was 2 days away from my due date!! I felt terrible about this but Erin was so understanding and incredibly supportive. I was still able to help out with her invites! So here are a few mock ups I did for her:

Invite A

Invite B

Invite C

Invite D

Invite E

Invite F

Any guesses on which ones she picked? Which ones are your favorites?
I'll share her first pick with you in the next post along with the invitation suite we created for her which includes: Invite, RSVP, Directions, Accommodations and a monogram!


  1. OMG, I am loving these. My favorite is the final one... but I would have had a REALLY hard time choosing if it had been me!

  2. I vote for F...though all are lovely!

  3. Really pretty invites, Karen. I like Invite A and F.