Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baby Shower!

I am so excited to share these! My friend Lisa helped me plan my baby shower earlier this month. I have a bunch of talented friends and so I pooled them all together and put them to work!

Event Planner: Lisa with Bellissima Vita
Photography: John and Jane Cosner with Cosner Photography
Invitation Design: Sara with Stinkerpants Designs
Flowers and Decor: Me - Huckleberry Karen Designs

A very special thank you to the Cosners for taking the time out of their busy weekend to take these gorgeous pictures. Get ready for some eye candy!!

Shower invites designed by Sara from Stinkerpants Designs.
Sara was also kind enough to give me these illustrations so I can make favor tags, shower games, signs and thank you notes !

Lisa surprised me with a "wish tree" where my friends and family
were able to send "wishes" to the baby. It was so much fun to read them!

My niece wrote this one - I love it!

And of course a very sweet note from soon to be Grandma Burling.

Dahlias and wheatgrass - a lovely combo!
I made diaper cakes for each of the tables. The best part is I have enough diapers
for the baby when he arrives!

Here's a picture of me and my sister Sherry. She helped with the yummy food!

And some pictures of the details...because the details is where the love is :)

The delicious cheesecake
Booties my friend made for the baby.

My friend Nicole made folders for the shower games. Talk about being super organized! She even added the cute little hippo and birdie from the invite :)

And of course there were MANY presents for baby. He's a very lucky baby
to have all of these people love him so much!

Favors for the guests: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Thanks everyone for such a special baby shower!


  1. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing your baby shower pictures!!

  2. gah-or-geous! congrats again!

  3. nicole flores8:37 AM

    Lovely pics, flowers, details -- and such a fun event. :-)

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Hi Karen!

    This is MrsKittie back from the Knotting days. Just wanted to say congratulations! You must be so excited. And what a fabulous shower it was!


  5. Hi Karen,
    I saw on Sara's blog (Stinkerpants) that your sister made the cute hippos. Does she sell these? I would love to buy some!!!
    Feel free to leave a comment on my blog. Thanks so much!

    kfishie (from back in the knotting days like Mskittie above!)